• Curious about light therapy?

    Watch our video to learn more about light therapy.

    If you are curious about light therapy, watch our 90-second informational video on what light therapy is and how you may benefit from using a Litebook product for just 15 minutes per day.

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  • Litebook® Edge™

    Litebook® EDGE™

    Compact and powerful light therapy that fits in the palm of your hand. The EDGE™ is portable and rechargeable; the perfect light therapy solution for people on the go.

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  • Litebook® Advantage

    The Litebook® Advantage

    The Litebook® Advantage is perfect to use while engaged in other activities, such as reading, eating, applying makeup, or working at a computer or desk.

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  • Tesitmonials

    The light you need....everyday.™

    "In 2006, I heard about the Litebook, and ordered one online. That winter was the best I'd felt over the darker months in a long time! It has been a reliable winter companion ever since." - Susan from Austin Texas

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